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I went shopping to a mall when i came across a t-shirt with Adidas label on it. And being a designer it took me minutes thinking the what the designer wanted to convey with the symbol. And then i googled to find out the story. And here it is below and many more that will fascinate you and i assure you will never look at logos the same way.


The name was taken from its founder Adolf Dassler and shortened to ADI + DAS (from the surname) came together to be known as ADIDAS.
The Adidas symbol looks like a mountain to represent the obstacles that people need to overcome. Originally the logo was just three stripes, which did not have any meaning, so the three stripes were made slanted to resemble a mountain.


IBM logo has hidden but a very deep meaning for the people in the world. The lines that pass through the words denote equality and form an equal to sign in the right corner.


This one is indeed my favorite and so creative. Look closely you will see the arrow between the letter ‘E’ and ‘X’, which represents the company’s forward thinking ways and outlook towards the future. It was designed in 1994 by multinational branding consultants Landor and Associates. The clever use of negative space between the E and the X is in fact an arrow pointing to the right, a visual trick that is almost impossible to stop noticing once you first see it.


The word 'VOLKS' means people in people in German and the word 'WAGON' stands for car. so together the logo tends to convey its audience that Volkswagon is the Car for the people.


The Google word logo has four primary colors in a row and then it’s broken by a secondary color. This was entirely intentional. Google wanted to show that they don’t play by the rules and are also playful without making the symbol bulky. To do that, they just used simple letters and colors. 


Jeff Bezos wanted a name for his company that would start from letter 'a' so that it would be on top alphabetically. He stopped on 'AMAZON',the largest water body in the world, hoping his company to be the same.
An arrow extending from “a” to “z” that conveys the idea of movement and shipping as well as Amazon’s claim that they have everything from a to z. Some also interpreted it as a happy face that comes from customer satisfaction.


Apple has nothing very complicated to show in its logo. To a simple viewer its a bitten apple, but apple believes it to be the forbidden fruit from "the tree of knowledge" from the Adam and Eve in the Biblical creation story.


The new logo designed by Arnell Associates costed Pepsi $1 million, since they had to spend millions more to rebrand everything. It took them a year to frame the new logo. As described in the document provided by Arnell Associates “Pepsi Globe,” shows a newly asymmetric flow of the red and blue segments represented the magnetic fields of the earth, the theory of relativity, the Golden Ratio, the theory of sacred geometry.
The white area in between is now referred to as the “smile” and its width and angle changes depending on which Pepsi product you drink.


Normally you may see the L and the G incorporated in way to represent the brand name. But have a look at it with a lot of concentration, you would see a face. The L makes up the nose and the G the rest of the face.
From the company’s “Our Brand” webpage: “Global, Tomorrow, Energy, Humanity and Technology are the pillars that this corporation is founded on; with the capital letters L and G positioned inside a circle to center our ideals above all else, humanity.”
Some designers also see a Paceman in the logo, but you can figure that one out for yourselves!


BMW had a role in World War II as a creator of aircraft engines for the German military. So due to its history in aviation , its logo has been made to stay true to its roots.
The blue and white color represent a propeller in motion with the sky peeking through. Blue represents the sky whereas blue show the propeller.

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