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Google Play logos get more unified redesign

It seems that Google hasn’t finished updating its visual identity just yet. Following the new logo design and wordmark which were launched last year, the search engine giant has now tweaked the icons in its Play Store.

Based around the Play Store’s triangular ‘play’ button icon, the new set of logos now have a more uniform look. The flat design and vibrant colour palette are also more suited to Google’s recently updated sans-serif logo. 

All of Google's Play apps are brought into line with a vibrant flat design revamp.

The new logo and wordmark that Google unveiled last fall marked probably the biggest visual revamp in the company's history, and now Google Play's logos are getting a bit of a facelift. The logos for Google Play and the Play Store have been tweaked slightly, but the rest of the icons for Play stores and services (like movies / TV, music, books and games) all have been radically redesigned. Now, every icon has a silhouette of the "play" button as well as a visual indicator of the media type in question.

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