Iconic Guinness harp has been updated - First Redesign in 10 years

As Irish brands go, there's none more iconic than Guinness, who revealed last month, the new logo which is the first redesign for the golden harp in 10 years.


Faced with the challenge to "breathe life back into the harp and let it sing once again," Design Bridge used the heritage of Guinness to tell the brand's story.

Beer brands don't come more recognizable than the Guinness harp. So when it came to updating the black stuff's logo design, London based design firm Design Bridge has worked with designer and illustrator Gerry Barney, letterpress studio New North Press and harp makers Niebisch & Tree to redraw Guinness’s famous harp icon.

They have tread a fine line between creating something new and staying true to the established look.

By moving away from the trend of flat designs they've created a contemporary logo that reflects the brand's history with depth and shading.

The phrase Estd. 1759 now appears on the harp’s sound board,in type inspired by metal-stamped lettering imprinted on ironwork at the Guinness Storehouse. The distinctive harp and the "Estd 1759" text is recognizable all over the globe and has been used by Guinness for more than two centuries.

A sketch for the new harp and word mark. Both were drawn by Gerry Barney based on sketches by Design Bridge

While the Guinness text font has been slightly modified, the real change lies in the re positioning of the 'Estd 1759' text onto the iconic harp.

All of this hard work and research appears to have paid off as designers seem to love the redesign.The final icon is quite stunning and it is a far cry from the minimalist tendencies of today.

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