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Looking to make a career in UI Design ? Here is what you should do

Looking to settle for a career in UI designing? Excellent ! 


It wont be easy i assure you, or quick but if you just take a regular follow up on the checklist that i am going to provide you with i assure you success is close. UI design is about effectiveness of user experience and how well that experience is designed. 

Learning HTML/CSS and photoshop are good to learn but understanding how something is built is more important. How do you build a website, an iPhone app or a game? What pieces are needed to make that happen? Once you have a high level understanding of how to build what it is your going after learn the tools to make it. 

Rule#1 - Aesthetics are very important

In order to be a decent designer what you need more than anything else is an eye for aesthetics. Everything else can be taught, but the aesthetics of design is something that you are either born with, or you gradually understand better and better as you go along. This could take you anywhere from tomorrow to 10 years or more. Visual Communication & Collaboration  is important and should begin at the ground level when different firms work together to solve a visual communication problem.

Everyone believes that they have a good eye for design. But as a UI designer you have to always remember that what you are designing is not for yourself. It is for others. And it is important that they like what you are designing, else you might as well go back to your previous job. Its visual impact leads the viewers to have an impact of the brand.

Rule#2 - Do some work

In the UI design world, there is no substitute for actual experience.  Try to get some tasks under your belt and you will have a portfolio created. You can use Adobe Portfolio  a tool to build your own personalized website in minutes, available to Creative Cloud subscribers.

Learning on the job is key because it's the actual experience of resolving problems and coming up with creative solutions that teaches you to be a better designer.

Capture your unique insights and find a designer or product lead to share them with and I guarantee they’ll thank you.  Follow up on this, and build on that relationship.

Rule#3 - Learn The Tools

The technology is advancing with every second. I was in my graduation it was Adobe Photoshop 7 and now i am a post graduate and it Adobe CS6. And in my latest blooging time i found that even Photoshop keeps updating Introducing Content-Aware Crop: Coming Soon to Photoshop CC

I spent half of my education years learning Corel Draw and ended up doing 90% work in Adobe Illustrator. So my end conclusion was to keep an eye on the changing tool trends and keep in pace with them.

Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator have long been a Designer's go-to tools, but these day's there's a new kid on the block named Adobe XD & Adobe Sketch . With an extremely intuitive interface, they have done a great job combining all the good parts of Adobe.  Here is a comparison of Adobe XD (Experience Design ) VS Adobe Sketch

Here are a few tools that mite be helpful for you  Designers unlock your creativity with these 5 Tools 


Rule#4 -  Understand your Roles

In order to effectively design an interface that gets users to go from point A to point B in an elegant and simple manner, the user interface designer must have a thorough understanding of the user’s needs, as well as a thorough understanding of the capabilities and functions of the program, website or application for which they are designing the interface. This involves a combination of research and creation.

User interface designers must figure out how a user would want to use the product, and then determine how those preferences fit within the product’s function. 

Rule#5 - Focus is Everything

There is one simple golden rule to success. Work Hard and Stay Focused. It is simple ! There are no shortcuts. There are paths that lead to success and one has to walk upon them face the hurdles, solve them, learn from them and walk further with experience and explore. So UI Design is no exception. You will have to stay focused and keep learning and never give up. You will have to gear up your creative thinking.

Remember there were a lot of people you gave up when they were just one door away from success. Here are 10 Skills every UI designer should have at the back of his hand

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