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When Company Logos seem to have identical twins

Designers are creative people, but however hard we try to create something different there are resonable chances of concepts clashes. Simply because we have millions of designer around the world working on similar concepts, so it is quite possible for a few to design something identical.

Here is a list BIG Companies who hired Big Designer but ended up resembling an existing logo.

Another one to recently join the list is Tokoyo 2020 logo.
Tokyo 2020 Olympics original logo was scrapped after allegations of plagiarism, because of its striking similarity to this logo, from a Belgian theatre, created in 2013. 

Diesel and Velux

 logos that look alike 
These logos are definitely similar, but the fact that they are similar and belong to companies in such disparate industries will keep them from feeling like copycats.


NBC / Nebraska ETV Network

 logos that look alike 
After the similarity gained national attention Nebraska ETV sued NBC for copyright infringement which was settled out of court. NBC also promised not to use the logo for any advertising in exchange for being allowed to keep their logo. Today neither of these networks use this logo.


Carrier and Ford

 logos that look alike 
Whilst these two companies aren’t in the same business the similarity between the two logos is very distinct. Something to note is that the iconic blue logo for Ford wasn’t released until 1927.

Bentley and Lee Cooper

Who is to blame? Mini is the obvious suspect, as it was founded almost 40 years after Bentley. Of course, this is another case where both companies are within the same industry, making it difficult to understand how this mistake could have happened without either company realizing it.

Honda and Hyundai

 logos that look alike

Looking at them for the first time it’s hard to tell them apart. From a designers point of view it’s as easy as changing one of the logos typeface to an italic style.

Sun Microsystems and Columbia Sportswear

 logos that look alike 
It's bizarre how these two logos could possibly bear such a resemblance on accident.  Of course, these companies are in completely different marketplaces, so their similarity may actually just be a profound coincidence.

Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers

 logos that look alike
As you can see from the logos, they share the same layout and design concept, down to the exact placement of "Los Angeles."

Chanel and Gucci

 logos that look alike
Chanel and Gucci are both leading brands in the fashion industry. One can’t help but notice a striking resemblance between the two logos. The logos here look like they’re reversed versions of each other.

Motorola and Marmot

  logos that look alike
Both feature circles and the letter "M" is stylized. If I were Marmot, the lesser-known company, I would go with the excuse that their "M" is supposed to be a mountain range, which it probably is considering the fact that Marmot sells outdoor apparel.

Scottish Arts Council and Artworkers, Quark and Alcone logos

It is not a question of whether copyright should stay, but how it should be regulated. When we think copyright violations we usually think messy lawsuits, but surprisingly enough, this was not the case with Quark and the Scottish Arts Council logo dispute.  

Airbnb's  has Bearing Similarity to Yasaburo Kuwayama's Illustrations

Airbnb has bearing similarities to illustrations in Yasaburo Kuwayama’s 1989 publication. Resemblance between Airbnb’s 2014 logo and a symbol found in a decades old publication was ‘discovered’ in a Reddit post nearly a year ago and, interestingly enough, that logo was also criticized for being identical to the brand identity of software company Automation Anywhere.



A logo is probably one of the most important symbols to build recognition to the brand. How hard can it be to make an original symbol and how much money can they save from copying one? 


But then i guess BYD realised its mistake and launched its new logo. Probably company realised that if they want to compete on International markets old logo would be bad propaganda. 

Final Thoughts

This makes logo design tricky. Another challenge for designers is when the client wants to incorporate a visual element because it’s in fashion right now , or wanting a local icon which many other businesses have already used e.g. mountains if there’s a mountain range in the region. 

Thus, Creating something which stands out becomes very challenging.

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