9 Professionals Font For Designers

There's no shortage of paid-for and free fonts available for designers to choose from these days. But what if you want a typeface that's really special and stands out – maybe for your creative resume or a new logo design? Whatever the project, these professional fonts are certain to give your designs an air of sophistication.

01. Brandon Grotesque

Influenced by the popular geometric-style, sans serif typefaces of the 1920s and 30s, this font was designed by Hannes von Dohren in 2009.

02. FF Din

FF Din is a popular choice amongst designers. Created by Dutch type designer Albert-Jan Pool between 1995 and 2009, this sans serif font was added to MOMA's digital typefaces for it's Architecture and Design collection back in 2011.

It is ideally suited to advertising and packaging, logos, branding and much more.

03. Aviano

Inspired by the power and timeless beauty of classic letter forms. Aviano Typeface was named after a small town at the base of the Alps in Northern Italy. Aviano was created by type designer Jeremy Dooley, owner of one-man foundry Insigne.

04. Trojan Trojan's

Created back in 2012, Trojan is one of many stand-out designs by creative genius Alex Trochut. It was used extensively throughout Wallpaper after its initial release. Trojan has a very sophisticated set of glyphs, which gives this font a classic contemporary appearance.

05. Le HavreLe

Art deco-inspired typeface Le Havre was named after the port where many a famous luxure cruise liner was launched in the 1930s. Compressed capitals, a low x-height and geometric construction gives this beautiful typeface a retro look and feel.

06. Mallory

Tobias Frere-Jones' latest creation, Mallory is a beautiful professional font, which began as an experiment in mixing typographic traditions, building a new design with British and American traits.
Frere-Jones has a number of best-selling type designs under his belt, however Mallory is his latest, released late last year, it's his first font since splitting with longtime creative partner Jonathan Hoefler.

07. FF Meta

Created by infamous type designer Erik Spiekerman, FF Meta was first called PT55, a typeface made for easy reading at small sizes for West German Post Office in 1985.

08. Soho

Created by renowned type designer Seb Lester, it has over 40,000 glyphs and represents three years worth of work by Lester.

09. Davison Spenceria 

Davison Spencerian typeface made its first appearance in Photo-Lettering’s 1946 catalog and remains a benchmark of the ornamental script genre.

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