Know Your Medium or Be Adaptable

In the new world, testing your product is more critical than ever. Logos should be designed in such a way that they could be used till the existence of the brand.

This is for everyone building things Designers, Creative Designers, UI Designers etc, please learn your medium with hopes to one day master it. Be an active student of your medium.

Medium can be a wooden carton or a billboard, it can be a business card or a pen.

Things to take care for


Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Many entrepreneurs are under the wrong impression that big size logos will impress their target audience and hence demand their designers to create logos big in size. But in reality, a bigger logo is not necessarily the better option. Though logo designing plays a significant role in visual aspects of the company’s branding, it does not necessarily mean that big sized logos impress their potential audience.

Inappropriate size may ruin the design

As discussed above, logo is the first impression of a company’s brand. In reality, it’s also the simplest and efficient way to portray a brand. Nothing else other than a logo can make a company successful by representing the company’s motto or vision through its design.

However, an inappropriate size may completely ruin its design. Though it conveys a good message, unidentifiable size could lead a logo’s efficiency to zero. But most of the expert designers are aware of such silly mistakes before hand because they are more experienced and possess practical knowledge of logos more than their clients.

Don’t Overcrowd Your Logo Design

Just imagine you are watching the sports channel and all of a sudden a huge logo pops up onto the corner of your TV screen thereby hiding the scoreboard for a while. You will get irritated as well as distracted from watching. A company’s target audience also show a similar reaction when bigger logos are broadcasted on various media. Although your intention is to make the logo look prominent on the billboard, you would never want your audience to take your brand as irritating, horrible and disturbing logo.

Make Room for Message Content

Instead of focusing on an oversized logo, entrepreneurs should concentrate more on conveying their brand message. Instead of arguing with the designers about the bigger design, clients should pay attention to the meaning of the message that goes with the graphics in designing. Even small sized logos can work wonders if they exactly portray the company message to its potential audience.

Wrapping up, you should understand and most important, convince your clients that a better logo design is the one that should be versatile, easy to recognize, memorable and will endure the ages.

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