You Can Be a Designer: Start With These 4 Fundamentals

Graphic Design is all around us! Words and pictures—the building blocks of graphic design—are the elements that carry the majority of the content in both the digital world and the printed world. As graphic design becomes more visible and prevalent in our lives, it has become career option whose craze among youngsters is growing with every passing day.

But since its said nothing comes even though graphic design as a practice becomes more important in our culture. One has to face the hurdles and climb the ladder step by step.

When i started my career in Design, which is approximately 7 years ago, i felt like a stray person. The reasons were simple, firstly i didn't know what tool to use when and where, and secondly, which part of design should i head for. It took me 2 years to finalize i wanted specialize Web Designing. So, there is no magician who can tell you what you will land up in.

In order to offer some help to my fellow designers, I will answers some basic question from my experience that usually cross your mind while you are succeed in your Design Course.


What are the fundamentals of graphic design?

Simple, fundamentals exist everywhere. Even nature has some fundamentals, so whats exceptional with design.

The fundamentals of graphic design are about seeing how the qualities of visual material—shapes, images, color theory, typography, and layout—work, and work together… and then being able to decide which qualities of each are relevant and engaging and useful for visualizing a particular idea or solving a certain problem.

Being able to design a website is more than writing HTML and CSS. Your website has to communicate multiple messages to an audience and your design uses a visual language to communicate.

Personally, i suggest you should study and analyze all fundamentals of design, with experience you may or may not realize but you will become a regular user of these. Some of them you might be already using, unconsciously.

Do you think anyone can become a graphic designer with the right tools/skills, or do you think people are born to be designers?

Arm yourself with the essential tools that you need to get employed. Over the years these have changed but the underlying principle remains the same: they’re designed to show off and amplify the message that you’re good and that hiring you would benefit the agency.

In the collection of web design tools that you will find online, you’ll find a range of apps and services that aim to simplify and speed up the way you work.

Whether you’re a designer who wants a better way to create mock-ups for sharing ideas with your front-end developer, or you’re a freelance designer who is seeking a more efficient way to build prototypes for your clients, these design tools should be able to make your life easier.

But what is essential here to realize, is that don't let tools make you handicapped. Tools are there to make your workflow easy and faster not to tarnish your knowledge. For example, code on notepad before you switch to Front end coder that suggest tags, learn to create patterns before you download free patterns for your Photoshop. Therefore, you are not prohibited to use any tool till you know the extent to which it should be used.


What is a recent project that you’ve done that really put your skills to the test and why?

It is important to keep a check on what you are doing as much as on How you are doing it. What you are doing keeps you in terms with latest technical advancements and helps you enhance your skills. I personally have always believed in being "Jack of all Trades" kind of designer and trust me there is nothing wrong about it. It is about how much of diversification you can adapt to.

But on the same grounds i also support specialization. Confused !

Let me define myself, I am freelance Designer with expertise in Logo Designing. I also have experience in Coporate Brandings, Website Design ..and so on. I do excellent logo but i also do other branding stuff.

So it is important to specialize at least one skill and keep others in hand. After all there is no rocket science in understanding the fact that a client who needs and logo design will also need a business card, some printable and maybe a website as well. So if you can do it.

What i want to emphasize upon , is to stay in touch with your specialization while serving other skills. Do not let that one thing that you do wonders with take a backseat. So keep asking yourself this one question, when did you utilize your complete skill set, and make sure you keep doing that quite often.


You can only really break the rules and get away with it once you’ve mastered the rule, so what is your favorite rule to break?

Rules ! Principles ! Theories !

Well, all i say they are there for a reason. Someone did a huge brainstorming to draw them. And they are helpful in understanding some basic fundamentals of design. I always emphasize beginners to not dare and ignore for i believe with practice and experience you become an unconscious user of these.

Another thing here is breaking rules. Well, to break it you must know it. Therefore a learn a principle before you think about experimenting with it. And once you have mastered it you will be able to break a rule and implement a design beyond that even.

Final Thoughts

Design in not a simple process. It involves a lot more than what can be put in words. Despite the tireless efforts, a design is a creation of creative mind that has to be put on canvas using the design tools. Understanding the basics helps you sail through successfully. Initial years for designer may seem very complicated, as one has to not only learn new trends and technologies but also compete with the big skills out there.

But from experience here is a small piece of advise i give, work hard if needed harder, have patience in initial years and you are bent to achieve your goals. A Right direction and a a required effort enables you achieve your targets.

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